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Tax Related News by Eggett Tax Services

Three or More Years Behind in Filing Your Income Taxes?

We offer a convenient “MULTIPLE-YEAR TAX RETURN CATCHUP” service. Our fee is based on a lump-sum, discounted fee for multiple years rather than the the usual “per slip” and “per schedule” fee charged by many other companies.

It has also been our experience that the FEAR of filing the required returns is usually FAR GREATER than the discomfort or anxiety of filing the returns.  More than 50% of people who file overdue returns end up getting refunds rather than owing!

If you are certain you owe Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) money there are definite advantages to bringing the information to their attention first and filing rather than waiting and CRA issuing a demand that you file.  We can often have penalties reversed and interest reduced if you act before CRA!

No appointment is required to take advantage of this offer.  Drop by our office with all your information slips and we will provide you with an exact amount for our fee.  ( There may be additional fees if you have a business or rental income and employment expenses.)

We will ask you for a deposit on our services and an  appointment will be made for you to come back to sign all the required forms.

Upon completion we will hand deliver the completed returns to Canada Revenue Agency for you.

What To Do Now for 2014

When you think about saving on taxes, think “RAP“:


  • Review your 2013 Notice of Assessment and take notice of any carry forward amounts particularly for tuition, undeducted RRSP contributions and capital losses. We can help you plan for tax savings based on these amounts.


  • If your return was reassessed or adjusted by CRA (Revenue Canada) always investigate the changes. CRA does not always have all the information when they assess a situation. You should ask your tax consultant about any changes immediately. If you prepared your return we will review and explain the change for you. There is no fee to you unless we can improve the tax return for you.
  • Evaluate RESP’s and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) to ensure they are the best vehicles for your particular tax situation. RESP and TFSA’s are not necessarily the most beneficial for all tax payers.
  • If you have had a major change in any part of your life including marital status, new job, severance or retirement don’t delay in preparing for tax related consequences. We are always available to meet with you to assess and consider your tax reporting requirements.


  • Now is the time to plan your RRSP contributions for this tax year. It is never too late to start monthly contributions automatically from your bank account relieving the burden of making a lump sum payment later in the year. We can advise on the amount to optimize your tax savings.
  • If you found the amount you paid at the end of the year difficult to pay now is the time to adjust amounts deducted from your various income sources.
  • If you have capital losses carried forward it may be to your advantage to trigger a capital gain equal to the loss.
  • Be sure to keep all the proper receipts required for charitable donations, medical expenses, summer camps, physical and artistic activities for children under age 16 (disabled children under 18). It is easier to go back now and get these receipts pulled together rather than delaying your refund waiting for slips or requesting duplicates in 2015.

Tax planning should occur now. You cannot do anything about your 2014 taxes after December 31, 2014, other than making RRSP contributions until March 2, 2015. We offer tax planning consultations to review, analyze and plan for your family’s tax structure to maximize your tax savings.

CRA Website Re-Opened

Canada Revenue solved all the problems concerning the “Heartbleed Virus”.  Very few individuals  had their personal information jeopardized; if you are one of the few affected, CRA would have contacted you already.  Due to the shutdown the filing deadline has been delayed to May 5th, if you file before that date you will not be assessed any penalty or interest.  Any return filed after that date will be assessed the usual penalty and interest charges.