Personal Income Tax Services

It is our mission to assure that every individual tax client has claimed each deduction and credit available to them. We couldn’t possibly ask you whether each and every deduction in the tax guide applies to you. We can only look at your family situation and then try to determine what you should be claiming. We ask that you read through our newsletter or even CRA’s tax return guide to make yourself aware of what might be available. And then please feel free to call us to see if it applies to you or mention it while we are preparing your return. Working together we will be able to minimize the taxes you are paying and of course maximize your refund. It is always great to get a nice refund after paying so many taxes throughout the year.


Eggett Tax Services is committed to providing the quickest possible service with the greatest degree of accuracy. Our personal income tax service specialists will thoroughly check and re-check each tax return after preparation. It is then EFILED. With EFILE you should get your refund in about two weeks from the preparation date.

Your fee at Eggett Tax Services provides more services to you than Income Tax Preparation:

  • Professional income tax calculation with the EGGETT TAX GUARANTEE
  • Comprehensive review and explanation of Notices of Assessment
  • Full review and completion of any pre-assessment and post-assessment enquiries from CRA
  • Full audit representation, and completion of any assessment enquiries from CRA
  • Negotiation of payment plans directly with CRA
  • Completion and submission of government forms
    • Guaranteed Income Supplement
    • CPP and OAS applications
    • Child Tax Benefit
  • Unlimited year round tax planning, either by telephone or email
  • One, in person tax planning appointment yearly, if requested
  • Independent tax implications of your investments, in concordance with your financial planner
  • Independent RRSP planning concerning withdrawals or contributions
  • Obtaining your personal RRSP limit from CRA
  • Should the contributions be my own or a spousal?
  • What are the tax consequences of taking funds from my RRSP
  • When is the best time to start your RRIF
  • Independent tax review of severance and retirement packages
  • Forward Notices of Assessments and copies of tax returns to third parties ( as authorized by you)
  • Obtaining Notices of Assessments, RRSP limits, TFSA limits and HBP balances if requested
  • Application of Clearance Certificates
  • Forwarding of payments due to CRA, avoiding unnecessary penalties or interest costs, where applicable
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Up to 10 photo copies
  • Shredding of confidential materials

Our Guarantee

We take care to ensure that your tax return is prepared correctly. In the event that an error is made, we will correct that error with Canada Revenue Agency for you. If the error was ours, we will credit you for all interest/penalties assessed by CRA. These credits will be applied to the next year’s tax preparation fee.

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