Schedule An Appointment

Please choose one of the following options:

1. Drop by the office

Stop by the office and drop off your information slips during business hours.  No appointment is required. We will make an appointment when you drop in to come back, review and sign.

2. Schedule an appointment

Make an appointment to have your taxes prepared with a tax consultant. We require for new clients:

  • Picture ID
  • A copy of your last filed return
  • All your tax information slips
  • A business, rental summary if applicable
  • A TL2 signed by your employer for truck drivers
  • A T2200 signed by your employer for employment expenses with a summary
  • Payment upon completion of your tax interview.

The average tax interview takes between 30-45 mins. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit (interac) and Cash.

Our Guarantee

We take care to ensure that your tax return is prepared correctly. In the event that an error is made, we will correct that error with Canada Revenue Agency for you. If the error was ours, we will credit you for all interest/penalties assessed by CRA. These credits will be applied to the next year’s tax preparation fee.

Eggett Tax Office - Extended Hours