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Canada Revenue Agency will acknowledge either the refund or the balance owing to you through a “Notice of Assessment”. The Notice of Assessment (NOA) explains any changes in the return or informs you of any carryfoward amounts you have on record. It will also tell you what the RRSP limit for the next year will be. You should keep this very important document. New clients should bring the previous year’s NOA to their first tax appointment with Eggett Tax Services.

Your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency is not the final word. You have the right to discuss the assessment with CRA. There is also an appeal process which has a strict time limit based on the date you were notified by CRA on the NOA.

It is important that your objections are made with in a timely manner and that it is directed to the correct department. If we prepare your tax return the process of making objections is covered by your preparation fee. We can also handle objections and adjustments for returns by those who prepare their own returns. A fee will apply only if we can help.

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